• Mr. Hong Lin Thong
    Industrial Safety Consultant
    21 Oct 2009

    A friend suggested me to try Physiotherapy, and I found PhysioWorks of West Point Hospital in Taman Jurong, which is near my home. My body has made a great recovery from the sciatica since then.

    PhysioWorks is well equipped and well managed by a team of friendly staff and a group of caring physiotherapists. Each patient is given close attention and guidance during the visit, the therapy session is at "one-to-one" basis. Exercise program is tailored to meet individual condition, and progress in the recovery stage is closely monitored.

  • Mr. Richard Chan
    Apr 2009

    The progress was encouraging from the onset. The therapists at West Point Hospital combined the finest of manual therapy with advanced technology. In one session, they skillfully massaged and moved the spine back in place. In another, traction was applied with the help of advanced medical contraption to take the pressure off the spine.

    My back has responded miraculously to the physiotherapy treatment. The excellent rehabilitation facilities and hands-on approach of the therapists helped in my full recovery. I am truly grateful.

  • Mr. Zaw Min Aung
    Keppel Shipyard (Tuas)
    14 May 2010

    Thank you very much for your excellent and professional care and treatment during my knee injury. Well done and keep it up! For your services and care!

  • Mr Yuan Quan
    Hitachi Transport System (Asia) Pte Ltd
    18 May 2010

    我是在PhysioWorks接受物理治疗的。刚刚来的时候,腰和腿很不好,腿一点力都没有,我非常痛苦。在接受Mr Pandian的治疗后,慢慢有了改善。原来根本不能行走,现在只需借助一支拐杖就可以慢慢的走了。Mr Pandian很专业,很勤劳又很亲切。在治疗的过程中给了我很多帮助和鼓励。很感谢Mr Pandian,我相信我很快会痊愈的。

  • Mr Eddy Ooi
    Gavin Care Engineering &
    Air-Con Services
    May 2010

    我已经在PhysioWorks治疗三个月了。刚刚来的时候很不好,根本不可以走路。Mr Pandian看到我后安慰我,叫我不要担心。通过Mr Pandian细心、专业的治疗,我的病情明显好转,现在可慢慢的走路了。这里的设备很齐全、很整洁,现在我的心情好了很多。很感谢Mr Pandian给我的帮助。

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